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This is the space where we use Human Design as your empowerment tool towards a  fulfilling life and embrace the Success that is written in your blueprint.

hey! i'm NADINE –
your PROJECTOR BUSINESS COACH AND human design guide

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Flying around the world as a Breath Coach and Event organizer got me burned out.  As a Projector, I needed to understand and accept that my energy was playing out differently in the world and Human Design assisted me in doing so.
I decided to wait for life to come to me, instead of always chasing it around and rest along the way which brought more peace and flow into my life.

about nadine – breath coach turned human design expert, island lover, podcast host, and expert napper.

Projector, find the fulfillment and success
you have been looking for. 

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 As your personal Business & Marketing advisor, I utilize Human Design as an empowering tool to guide you towards success.
Together, we'll create clarity and focus for your next steps, translating your incredible offerings into a practical and unique marketing plan. With ease, confidence and practical action steps, we'll navigate your Projector energy type, ensuring you shine brightly and make
 a lasting impact.


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Unlock your business potential with your unique Human Design as Projector. This 1:1 reading provides practical tools and a deep understanding of your gifts, energy, and purpose, allowing you to operate in alignment, emphasize your magnetic energy, and turn your pitfalls into unique selling points. Gain confidence, stand out, and thrive in your career or business.


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As your personal (business) advisor, I guide you to success by using Human Design as an empowerment tool. Together we create clarity and focus for your next steps, which will empower you to market your offerings with ease and confidence, all while staying true to your unique Projector energy type. By creating your personal marketing road-map, you can increase your sales and visibility in a way that feels authentic and effortless.  Are you ready to live your best Projector life?

here's the low-down on what i do and who i work with

Loes - the Netherlands

"Human Design has given me clarity about myself and about what is helpful to me and what is not. I have gained more insight into my purpose, qualities and pitfalls and I now have a good foundation in my company, from which the rest can unfold. Your support in creating the right working environment for me to thrive was really a life changer!"

insight into my purpose, qualities and shadows 

Marjani - USA

"Nadine holds a gentle space for deep self exploration through the Human Design system. This journey has helped me understand how I operate in the world as a part of the whole with compassion and celebration for both my shadow and my light."

a gentle space for deep self exploration

Bram - the Netherlands

I learned a lot about my own functioning in work and in my private life. In addition, I have learned to trust my qualities much more and experience more peace in my daily work. From the very beginning you always knew how to pinpoint my pitfalls and to give me insight into what is needed but also what is not needed.
I have seen the entire process as a very nice growth for my business, but also for me as a person.

I have learned to trust my qualities  and experience more peace in my work

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Business & Empowerment Coach for Human Design Projectors