Meet Nadine


I’m a business advisor and empowerment coach who helps entrepreneurs unlock their next level, live in alignment with their Human Design and thrive while doing what they love. I am the founder of 2 companies, event host, traveler and I love personal development.

I believe we were put here for a purpose, to grow within ourselves, support each other’s expansion and serve the world with our unique gifts.

Hey, I'm Nadine.

The discovery of my Projector energy type felt like coming home and gave me the courage to make changes in my life.

However, there was a growing whisper of my intuition that slowly led me elsewhere. Without knowing exactly what this was,
I traveled to Asia in Winter and immersed myself in self-development. Breathwork made a big impact on me in the jungle, although my first experience was not a comfortable one. As I explored all workshops and healing modalities on this island that I could potentially offer to others, I had to go through my own healing journey first. I ended this trip by receiving a Human Design reading on my 25th birthday.

When I was 19, I left the safe nest in which I grew up to travel the world. My study tourism gave me the opportunity to live abroad and experience other cultures. It was on the island of Mallorca that I first discovered my passion for marketing while earning weekly bonuses as a trainee. Living and working in 6 different countries,
I loved my Summers as my working days ended with a dip in the sea, luxury hotels served my meals and the evenings were spent exploring the local nightlife. 

this is how i got here

After 4 years working in the Tourism industry, I could not deny the call of my heart any longer. I knew I was meant to serve the world in a different way and while staring into the unknown and the sunset on a Greek beach,
I made the decision to quit my first full-time job.
I returned to the jungle to become a certified Breath Coach, surrounded myself with like-minded people, and explored more of myself and the world.
As a result of my vision, I brought my breath workshops to over 10 countries and guided hundreds of people back to themselves through the healing power of the breath.

This path led me to host a workshop on a festival in Greece, where I quickly was invited to join the organization. It was then that I discovered a new side of myself that loved putting together programs and running transformational events for people. In the process of selling out these events using organic marketing, I started getting requests from other entrepreneurs for support along the way which inspired me to start another business.

I needed to pause for a while. As a Projector, I've been struggling to come to terms with how my energy plays out in this world. But thanks to Human Design, I was finally able to understand and accept it. I made a conscious decision to stop chasing after life and allow it to come to me.  What a relief it was! This brought so much peace and flow into my life.
It was a turning point for me. I knew I had to integrate more of Human Design into my life and business. It helped me embrace my uniqueness and put a stop to the constant comparison game.

I was so inspired that I got certified and decided to return to my passion for marketing and helping others. That's when my new mission was born - to guide people in living their lives and running their businesses according to their unique blueprint, combined with the tools and experience I've gathered over the years. And let me tell you, it's been the most fulfilling journey of my life!

Freedom to choose my own lifestyle has always been a priority and as I blossom best under the Sun, my partner Jonas and I moved to Cyprus where I mostly work from home in between walks at the seaside. Although it remains a daily practice, I can honestly say I am living my best Projector life and I can't wait for you to say the same!


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It would be an honor to help you align with your Human Design


Business & Empowerment Coach for Human Design Projectors